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In traditional currency systems, consumers and investors don’t have a say in economic policy or its underlying mechanics. We trust banks to protect our money and governments to protect our banks. But this skewed concentration of power to these few institutions presents a great risk for consumers and everyday investors. They can lose vast amounts of their wealth, due to circumstances entirely out of their control. Bitcoin provides an opportunity to take control and not have to rely on these self-serving institutions for our financial wellbeing. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, also referred to as crypto-currency, created and held electronically. World banks or governments don’t mint Bitcoins. Bitcoins are produced by people on computers around the world, using software to solve complex mathematical equations, in order to validate transactions and introduce new bitcoins into the economy. This process means that Bitcoin isn’t controlled or directly influenced by any specific company or central authority. 

Learning More

The Money Cloud has partnered with Bitstocks - Bitcoin Market Advisory Service and London Bitcoin Execution company to bring transparency and greater clarity to business and individuals who might consider it for wealth storage, investment or simply money transfer mechanism. We continuously produce explanatory articles and information about the current trends in Bitcoin industry. We also developed easy-to-understand guides which you can down through our site.

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