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With the Côte d’Azur’s sun-soaked beaches, worldclass skiing at Chamonix and the famous vineyards in Bordeaux, it’s no wonder that over 200,000 Brits choose to call France home. And the fact that you can buy a sprawling country cottage for the price of a London flat makes the idea even more tempting. It’s no secret that buying abroad can be a tricky process, but avoiding the potential pitfalls is much easier with our handy how-to guide. Put together with the help of the international property experts at Smart Currency and France Buying Guide, it’s the perfect way to get your French adventure off to a smooth start.

Our Everything you need to know: buying property in France guide will help to answer most important questions to consider when buying property in France.

1. What are my first steps?
2. How does the purchasing process work?
3. How much will any extra expenses add up to?
4. What about exchange rates?

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Buying Property in France

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