Paying for overseas holidays


Paying for your holiday abroad

Holidays are becoming increasingly hefty investments, with the average British family spending two months’ salary each year on summer breaks alone. So it's worth treating holidays like you would any other major overseas purchase, making sure you've got the best deal and your funds are protected.

We’ve created this easy-to-follow guide to paying for overseas holidays to help you do exactly that.

It’ll teach you all the need-to-knows, from how to get the most for your money to ensuring those funds are kept safe. You’ll learn about:

  • the cheapest way to book your holiday
  • the types of holiday that are more cost-effective to pay for through a broker
  • how the international money transfer process works
  • the security your money transfer provider should offer
  • the basics of travel insurance.
To find out everything you need to know about paying for overseas holidays, download our special Overseas Holidays Guide by completing the form below:

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