Starling’s Developer Portal Has Launched & Third Parties Are Already Taking Advantage

Starling bank are arguably the UK’s most advanced Fintech “Challenger Bank” – that is, a new kind of bank offering users a different kind of banking proposition

The Awful Truth About Credit Cards – We Pay Them $163 Billion In Fees Every Year!

Music to the ears of credit card companies, of course; combined, credit card fees plus interest charges exceeded $163 billion in 2016.

Governments' 25% Levy On Overseas Pension Transfers Has Tax Advisors Scrambling To Find Loopholes

In the last Spring Budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond acted swiftly and decisively to introduce a 25% charge on UK pensions being transferred overseas

ASDA Launches Own Money Transfer Service

UK Supermarkets giant ASDA has partnered with Ria Money to launch ASDA Money Transfers.

French P2P Blockchain Remittance Firm Launch Own Token

Tempo Money Transfer, the largest Open P2P Blockchain Remittance Company, has announced the launch of its own cryptotoken, the EURO TEMPO token.

Amazon Cash Lets You Shop Online With Real Money

Amazon have launched a new service that allows customers to upload physical money to their online accounts by presenting a barcode at participating retailers.

International Commercial Contracts – "Incoterms" Explained

Incoterms is an internationally recognised set of rules governing the responsibilities of buyers and sellers when transporting goods.

Paying Overseas Employees - A Guide To PAYE and Social Security Considerations

The following notes explain what needs to be done before you can start to make payments to overseas staff

Inside Azimo’s One-Tap Money Transfer Solution

Azimo created an industry first app that allows users to send money abroad using only the recipients mobile number.

Mobile Payments Are Projected to enjoy 80% growth by 2020

Despite the obvious advantages of making payments via mobile, mobile payments simply refuse to take off in the way analysts predicted.

Bitfinex Sues Wells Fargo For Suspension of Correspondent Bank Service

A Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange, Bitfinex, was forced to file a law suit against Wells Fargo.

Ethbits Is Raising Funds Via A Token Crowd Sale

A new blockchain based Digital Currency platform headquartered in London is raising funds in a crowdsale

Leaked Santander Document Reveals Santander Charges 6 Times More Than Transferwise For Money Transfers

Santander, who ran the conference on behalf of senior executives of the firm, scored an embarrassing own goal.

WeChat Is Making It Easier For Europeans To Join Its Platform

WeChat plans to roll out international payments for its domestic customers to use across Europe.

Trump's Ban Making It Harder For Somalians To Send Money

Donald Trump’s ban has made it harder for the 250,000 Somalis based in America to send money back home

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