Thinking Of Buying Overseas in 2017 - Consider Spain

Milllions of Britons’ thoughts will turn to buying overseas property in 2017 and many will go on to make a purchase, joining the half a million or so Brits who already own a property abroad.

France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece have traditionally been the most popular destinations for people whose financial position means they can comfortably afford a second home abroad, or for those looking to swap a home in the UK for one abroad.

However, if it’s City living you are thinking of, Spain still offers perhaps the widest range of opportunities, from the Capital, Madrid, to Catalan Barcelona, Valencia, further up the coast, Málaga and Cádiz in Andalucía, and San Sebastian, in the North.

We have selected from some of the pick of the property in these places to help you kick off your overseas property search in the New Year –

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– Barcelona is a city that really does have it all. It’s 1.7m residents enjoy beaches, good weather, a 24-hour culture, beautiful architecture, a thriving arts and music scene, and the city is also a great place to run a business from.

This beautiful loft style apartment is typical of the kind of elegance and style that can be obtained in Barcelona – it even has 2 balconies looking onto the street! The price of €398,000 is at the sharper end of the market but the finish looks immaculate.



Malaga is a city on the up. Its airport is the gateway to Andalucía, including destinations popular with ex-pats such as Marbella, Torremolinos and Estepona, but these days, Malaga itself should by no means be overlooked.

Its revamped harbour area contains the only other Pompidou centre outside of Paris and the Picasso Museum must be one of Europe’s hidden arts gems. Malaga also has some of the warmest weather in Europe; that, and its status as a major cruise ship destination means the city is popular with tourists all year round.

This property has been beautifully refurbished and is set within Malaga’s most exclusive residential district, Banos Del Carmen.



 – Cádiz, on the South-western coast of Spain, is the oldest city in Spain. The old town is a maze of cobbled streets and beautiful walks through exotic gardens. The city’s population is shrinking as there is very little space to develop property within the old town. But there are still opportunities.

This incredible 3-bedroom villa is an example of the kind of property that is available in this University town that also offers all the advantages of being on the coast, with a beach and surfing nearby.



– a huge, if somewhat isolated city, Madrid is one of Europe’s grandest capitals, with hundreds of historic buildings, parks and monuments such as El Prado Gallery, Buen Retiro Park, and the Royal Palace and Armory. Like most Spanish cities, Madrid never sleeps, but during the heights of summer the heat can become insufferable, causing a mass-exodus of locals.

This 2-bedroom apartment developed by the same company as our recommendation for Barcelona, above, Lucas Fox, has been beautifully restored, with a jaw dropping kitchen and dining area, exposed brick throughout, and its situation, close to beating heart of the city, is recommended.


San Sebastian

 San Sebastian is located on the coast in the Northern Basque region of Spain, situated

just 20 kilometres from the French Border. Last year’s European Capital of Culture, San Sebastian is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, with a thriving nightlife and party scene.

Whether it’s the Old Town, behind the Buen Pastor Cathedral, or in the younger district of Gros, there is always enjoyment to be had, and of course there are surfer friendly beaches and the famous Mount Urgell, right on the coastline, which affords spectacular views of the city.

Property in San Sebastian is more expensive than anywhere else in Spain, which is perhaps understandable, given the location and the city’s crackling atmosphere. Still, this stylish, spacious duplex might tick a lot of boxes for somebody looking for a different kind of lifestyle. Read more here.


We hope some of the above properties inspired you to investigate the possibility of buying a home abroad, and invite you to check out some of our guides here which can help you get a better understanding of how to manage your finances overseas.


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