PMI Services and Carney will keep the market on its toes

The growth in Britain’s construction industry hit a seven-month high in October as housebuilding rose.

Top 5 things SMEs need to know when sending money overseas

If you’re operating an SME, you might know the feeling of the overseas crunch. You’re doing well at home, and it looks like now is the time to expand abroad. ...

GBP - Is this Sterling’s calm before the storm?

Historical downfall of Pound Sterling may not be at its turn point yet. Read more about what is the impact of Brexit to one of the strongest currencies in the world.

Brexit: How Will It Affect Those Living Overseas?

British expats, EU residents, and even those living elsewhere in the world are beginning to ask how they might be affected by the result of the referendum, and want to ensure that they’re doing everything they can to protect themselves, and their money, at this time.

How Will the UK Economy be Affected by Brexit?

The EU currently counts for more than half of all UK trade, which suggests that limitations in accessing the single market could reduce imports and exports, leading to losses and, ultimately, another recession.

The UK Voted Out… So What Happens Now?

It was close, but a majority of people voted to leave the European Union, and that means that we can expect to see a number of changes in the future. What changes?

Is Brexit a Potential Nightmare for Northern Ireland?

With the rise of the digital age, freelancing is increasingly popular across Europe and America. With freelancing’s advantages come disadvantages: US senator Elizabeth Warren recently spoke out against America's growing gig ...

The return of risk on, risk off

RORO, which stands for ‘risk on, risk off,’ is back on the lips of financial commentators. RORO describes the way in which the investment community flip-flops between riskier but possibly ...

SWIFT hack raises concerns about money transfer security

International financial institutions are on high alert following revelations that the SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network has been hacked.

Oil in crisis: what is driving the slump?

Oil consumers have become used to low prices over the past two years. Since mid-2014, prices have fallen and remained low. This means cheap rates at the pumps but also ...

Global regulators have fintech in their sights

Having been slow to the digital party, financial services are now seeing their own digital revolution. Last month, KPMG and CB Insights announced that 2015 saw fintech startups attract $13.8 billion of ...

Why central banks are looking into cryptocurrencies

When first launched in 2009, cryptocurrencies were proclaimed the next big thing. However, while a number of drawbacks have so far impeded any meteoric rise, central banks are now showing ...

Brexit: what are the economic consequences?

The UK’s EU referendum race is on, and Britain is buzzing with discussions and predictions. A business leader dubbed the vote on 23 June ‘the biggest choice’ in a generation. Speculation’s ...

Should you invest in a BRICS currency?

The BRICS economies have largely dominated the financial headlines in recent months – from China’s growth slowdown to the decline of Russia’s ruble. Does this mean investing in a BRICS ...

The EU-US Privacy Shield and transatlantic data protection

A new agreement is intended to resolve issues surrounding movement of personal data from Europe to America. This is important news for privacy-conscious individuals involved in data and money transfer ...

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