Retired in Alicante, Grandchildren in London?

How Rachel is Keeping Her Family Connected

Rachel and George longed for the sunny shores of the Costa Blanca, and made the smart decision to retire abroad in Alicante. Aware that people save thousands of pounds when moving with The Money Cloud, they wanted to make smart decisions about their finances, too. That's why they now choose to send money abroad to their three grandchildren using The Money Cloud foreign exchange comparison service. Saving on money transfers has helped Rachel and George to stretch their pension further, leaving a little extra each month to spend on delicate local handicrafts and exotic sweet treats at Alicante’s busy and bustling street markets.

Keeping Families Connected

Like Rachel and George, many people are now choosing to purchase overseas property and spend their time travelling, seeing the sights, and sampling the mouthwatering local cuisine. Government figures suggest that between 4000 and 8000 British people retire abroad each year, but moving away from family can be difficult. At The Money Cloud, we help to keep families connected through fast, efficient, and straightforward international money transfers, no matter how many roads, mountains or oceans stand in the way.

Making Your Pension Go Further

Living on state pensions, Rachel and George were obviously very money conscious when they moved to Spain, and were keen to ensure they were spending wisely. The couple did the right thing by going to their bank for advice on how best to send money abroad to their growing grandkids. Having looked at the fees for international money transfers from their particular bank, Rachel and George found that they could get a better deal by shopping around, and turned to The Money Cloud to compare different providers. For Rachel and George, doing this has helped them to stretch their pension further, and gives them peace of mind that they’re protecting their income while still providing for their family.

Never Miss a Birthday

We know that there’s nothing more frustrating than vague information - especially when it comes to money - which is why we believe in transparency. At The Money Cloud, we’ll let you know how long it takes to send money abroad, so you have peace of mind that you’ll never miss a birthday. We’ll also give you a true exchange rate, so that if the birthday boy or girl has their heart set on something special, you can send them exactly what they need, in exactly the right currency, to make their dreams come true.

Could You Benefit From The Money Cloud?

If you’ve retired abroad, or are worried about missing your grandchildren’s important milestones because of luxury overseas holidays, there's no need to be concerned about fees for international money transfers before you send money abroad. The Money Cloud can remove all these charges. You'll save money, and you can help to ensure that you never miss a birthday, by using The Money Cloud’s clear, quick, and concise online service. Check the current rates for the currency you need to get started.

By Emmanuel Addy – Emmanuel has over 12 years’ experience of developing partnerships in the FX/digital payments sector. He has also worked alongside Huw Jenkins, in money transfer comparison since the sector began before consolidating his experience to co-found The Money Cloud.

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