5 Cities To Relocate Your Business To If Brexit Is not For You

Here are 5 recommendations for relocating, when it comes to arranging moving money abroad, we will be more than happy to help.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme Explained

So the FSCS has an important role to play – but what exactly does it do – and not do?

5 Payments Apps That Are Great For Startup and SMEs

The Money Cloud reviewed top payment apps for startups and SMEs. Here is what we found.

Top tips for people emigrating abroad

Emigrating? Make Sure You Avoid Paying More Than You Bargained For.

5 Ski Chalet’s For Under 1 Million Euros

We have researched 5 affordable skiing chalets that are worth less than 1 million euros. Read more about your next perfect getaway.

The "Big 4" Challenger Banks

London may not be the world’s biggest FinTech hub, but there is an argument that says it is the most disruptive, and especially within the retail banking space.

Is The Future of Passporting Brexit’s Biggest Issue?

The problem is that if and when the UK leaves the EU, firms in the UK will no longer have the right to “passport” into countries within the EU bloc and offer their services.

Payment Services Directive 2 Explained

PDS2 essentially means that emerging Fintech players can now be registered, licensed and regulated at EU level

Top 5 Luxury Holiday Destinations to Visit in 2017

It’s hump-day, and budget day, so perhaps it’s time for a welcome bit of escapism.

International Money Transfers - Infographic

We cover everything from FX brokers, to banks, peer-to-peer, informal money transfers, and everything in between

How To Move Money Into and Out Of South Africa

International Money Transfer Tips and Guidelines From The South African Reserve Bank

Spotlight On Bitcoin

The price of the cryptocurrency hit an all-time high last week, approaching $1,300 dollars

The Oscars Debacle Shows That Disruption Is Inevitable

For more than 80 years PwC have taken charge of all aspects of the Oscars’ voting process

Infographic - The Money Cloud Recommends The Best Money Transfer Apps

If you are still using Western Union, Ria or your Bank to send money abroad, where have you been for the last decade

Lux Properties - Spotlight On South Africa

The overwhelming majority of South Africans, and ex-pats simply want to enjoy everything that a beautiful, diverse and optimistic country has to offer.

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