How to compare money transfer companies

Together, or co-founders Emmanuel and Huw launched the first ever money transfer comparison site all the way back in 2004. Before you transfer, compare. That’s our message and our mission, and it is beginning to sink in!

Why Do We Send Money Abroad And Where Can We Find The Best Rates?

In 2010, the World Bank estimated that the amount of “remittances”, i.e. money sent from international migrant workers between countries for that year stood at around USD $440 billion.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Report Reveals Banks Fears About Losing Revenues To Fintech Firms

88% percent of banks globally are becoming increasingly concerned about losing business revenues to Fintech challenger firms according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

BBVA's Distributed Ledger Technology Successfully Completes First Pilot

The Spanish banking giant BBVA has completed the first successful trial of a new Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) known as Ripple.

Ant Financial Moves A Step Closer To Deal For MoneyGram

Ant Financial, the Chinese Financial Services conglomerate that is an affiliate company of Alibaba, the New York Stock Exchange member and Amazon rival, is currently in a race to acquire MoneyGram.

The Rise Of The Bitcoin ATM

The machine allows users to scan the QR code of a digital wallet into the machine, and then insert however much cash they wish to convert to Bitcoin.

UK Firm Completes Testing of EBA Instant Payments Platform Ahead of November Launch

Dovetail has announced that it has successfully completed business level flow testing with the EBA Clearing Pan-European instant payment infrastructure platform.

What are APIs And How Do Fintech Firms Use Them?

Many third-party services are using API’s to enable them to accept payments – they can access all the information they need to authorise payments to merchants on behalf of users.

What Hidden Fees Do Bank’s Include When Sending Your Money Abroad - & Why Do They Do It?

The banks played on the fact that customers did not know much about overseas transfers, and were happy to trust them.

Sending Money Abroad – 5 Things To Check Before You Hit ‘Send’

Let’s take a look at the 5 things to look out for before making a transfer. It pays to plan in advance, take your time, and consider all the options available to you.

Starling’s Developer Portal Has Launched & Third Parties Are Already Taking Advantage

Starling bank are arguably the UK’s most advanced Fintech “Challenger Bank” – that is, a new kind of bank offering users a different kind of banking proposition

The Awful Truth About Credit Cards – We Pay Them $163 Billion In Fees Every Year!

Music to the ears of credit card companies, of course; combined, credit card fees plus interest charges exceeded $163 billion in 2016.

Governments' 25% Levy On Overseas Pension Transfers Has Tax Advisors Scrambling To Find Loopholes

In the last Spring Budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond acted swiftly and decisively to introduce a 25% charge on UK pensions being transferred overseas

ASDA Launches Own Money Transfer Service

UK Supermarkets giant ASDA has partnered with Ria Money to launch ASDA Money Transfers.

French P2P Blockchain Remittance Firm Launch Own Token

Tempo Money Transfer, the largest Open P2P Blockchain Remittance Company, has announced the launch of its own cryptotoken, the EURO TEMPO token.

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