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About us

We’re an international money transfer comparison site that’s focused on giving you clear, honest information, so you can choose the best way to send money overseas.

Trust and value are at the heart of The Money Cloud. We want to give you the confidence to try more cost-effective ways of transferring money abroad, rather than just accepting expensive bank fees. Right now there’s a real drive for change in the international money marketplace, and we’re here to address that. For the past few decades hidden charges, complicated terms and conditions, and a serious lack of clear, educative resources has made it difficult for people to find the cheapest way to send money.

We’ve designed The Money Cloud to show you how to do that, providing the facts you need to make an informed decision. We display the live, true exchange rates – not the ones banks only give to each other, which is often what’s advertised. We deliver dynamic search results for a huge range of 144 currencies. We publish straightforward guides and update you on all the latest money transfer developments, making you the expert.

Our site helps you save money by referring you to specialist, regulated foreign exchange brokers. They’re the market leaders, with the best currency and commission rates for international money transfers.

How it all started

Our founders, Huw Jenkins and Emmanuel Addy, have been at the forefront of this industry for over a decade, setting up the world’s first international money transfer comparison site back in 2004.

Huw, a tech innovator, and Emmanuel, a former solicitor, started working together 13 years ago. They met at a company that provided research, publishing and event management services in the finance field, for the public and private sectors. Public sector clients included the World Bank, Department For International Development, United States Agency for International Development, International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Commonwealth Secretariat and many governments and diplomatic missions from Africa and Asia. Private sector clients included Barclays, Visa International, Monsanto and Unilever.

In 2004, they led a campaign to make consumers more aware of their options when transferring money abroad. They’d recently won a UK government contract to publish a report on migrant remittances from the UK, and it highlighted just how hard it was to find clear, concise information on the subject. So as part of the campaign, they developed a public service information website. It compared the fees and services of money transfer companies and banks for emerging market economies.

The aim was to provide previously inaccessible yet crucial information to those sending and receiving remittances, and make it far more transparent. Huw and Emmanuel believed – and still do – that higher quality information on money transfer services shouldn’t just help customers find the right service for them. It should also promote healthy competition between money transfer providers, ultimately reducing costs and improving that service.

Over the past 11 years, they’ve been analysing and reviewing how individuals and companies make their international payments. Using their knowledge and experience, Huw and Emmanuel are now launching The Money Cloud to bring more clarity than ever to the money transfer market. The team is completed with marketing expertise from Nopadon Wongpakdee and product development as well as financial expertise from Ozodbek Kamildjanov.

We won't just tell you we've found you the best foreign exchange deal available. We’ll show you exactly how we got there and explain how to make your transfer work harder for you, so you can have complete confidence in your decision. Armed Forced Covenant PDF.

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The Money Cloud Team

Ron Zeghibe

Ron Zeghibe - Chairman
• Founder and Chairman of black cab app, Hailo
• Chairman of from 2012 until its sale in 2015
• CEO of Maiden Group plc from 1993 until its sale in 2006
• Ex-Vice President of Corporate Finance at Salomon Brothers

Nick Massey

Nick Massey - CEO
• Experienced Operator with broad leadership experience in across financial, consumer and digital sectors.
• Director & Investment Committee member at New Model Venture Capital
• Serial CEO, with, Goldman Sachs’ owned Boxclever and Octagon
• Corporate Vice-President at Coca-Cola, responsibility for strategy and business development
• Extensive track record of delivering growth, change and business transformation

Emmanuel Addy

Emmanuel Addy - Founder/ CCO
• Emmanuel has been work in the FX industry, comparing money transfers for over 12 years
• Qualified and practiced litigation solicitor
• Managed inward investment publications for governments of South Africa, Botswana and Ghana
• Speaker at global summits including Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
• Contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme, The Times and The Telegraph

Huw Jenkins

Huw Jenkins - Founder/ CTO
• Huw has been work in the FX industry, comparing money transfers for over 12 years
• Technical development specialist with more than 10 years’ experience in the FX and money transfer sector
• Publishing experience - former account manager to Visa International, Barclays Africa and The Royal Agricultural Society for the Commonwealth
• Winner, BT Essence of the Entrepreneur Award 2009

Ozodbek Kamildjanov

Ozodbek Kamildjanov - Head of Product Development
• Ozodbek manages product development and project management aspects of The Money Cloud.
• Combines strong financial markets knowledge and FX products understanding with project management and software development skills.
• Held roles in the banking industry, lead government projects and advised state committees in Uzbekistan.
• Obtained a MSc Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Comparison tool

Andy Ferguson

Format is very organized and incredibly informative. All the information is right there and it is all pertinent to what I need to know. Great work.

Felicity Liebmann

Used your service last week to get travel money from ICE and it all worked beautifully. Very efficient and easy, the cash arrived when it was due so there was no hanging about waiting or anxiety about it not arriving when promised.
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