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Compare, register and trade FX on The Money Cloud

The Money Cloud has partnered with a selected number of FX brokers to offer a full-service experience without leaving our site. You can compare FX brokers, select the one you want to use and through our simple sign up process we securely gather the information needed for the application process to open a trading account with the broker.

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Security and registration

For security and regulatory reasons, your details need to be verified by the broker before an account can be opened. This process can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours. Once you have submitted your details, you will be sent notifications throughout the process. Once approved you can then login to your personal FX Dashboard on The Money Cloud to complete your first trade.


Your FX Dashboard provided by the Money Cloud

During the signup process, we use the information provided to create your own personal FX Dashboard. The dashboard enables you to make additional trades, monitor your historical transactions and more. You can also apply for an account with additional brokers to add to your portfolio of FX products using your Dashboard profile to apply with one click.

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We’re an international money transfer comparison site that’s focused on giving you clear, honest information, so you can choose the best way to send money overseas.

Our founders, Huw Jenkins and Emmanuel Addy, have been at the forefront of this industry for over a decade, setting up the world’s first international money transfer comparison site back in 2004.


I've found your comparisons really useful and frequently refresh the page as we're about to pay a deposit on a house in Turkey. Pretty good.

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