Who we are

We are The Money Cloud - your one-stop shop for all your international money transfer needs. We source the best foreign exchange rates with our registered brokers to ensure that you get the most competitive deals in the market.

Our platform allows you to easily compare rates and fees from multiple providers, giving you the power to choose the best option for your transfer. Whether you're sending money to family abroad, paying bills, or making business payments, we've got you covered. Our platform is secure, user-friendly, and available 24/7. Trust The Money Cloud to handle all your international money transfers at the best rates.

2019 UK Innovate award winner
Runner up award for Fintech
Emmanuel Addy and Huw Jenkins - co-founders of the Money Cloud

Our origin

Our founders, Huw Jenkins and Emmanuel Addy, set up the world’s first international money transfer comparison site (a public service project) all the way back in 2004.

Huw, a tech innovator, and Emmanuel, a former solicitor, started working together over 20 years ago, studying the global remittance markets and developing the world's first money transfer comparison website.

Message from
the Co-founder
International money transfers made from your mobile

Imagine sending money to friends and family at the lowest cost possible. Imagine having access to true and live exchange rates from the best FX providers in the market when buying a property overseas. Imagine travelling abroad without the need to pay hundreds in fees when exchanging your money at the hotel or airport.

Trust and value are at the heart of The Money Cloud. We want to give you the confidence to try more cost-effective ways of transferring money abroad, rather than just accepting expensive bank fees. Right now there’s a real drive for change in the international money marketplace, and we’re here to address that. For the past few decades hidden charges, complicated terms and conditions, and a serious lack of clear, educative resources has made it difficult for people to find the cheapest way to send money.

We’ve designed The Money Cloud to show you how to do that, providing the facts you need to make an informed decision. We display the live, true exchange rates – not the ones banks only give to each other, which is often what’s advertised. We deliver dynamic search results for a huge range of 144 currencies. We publish straightforward guides and update you on all the latest money transfer developments, making you the expert.

Our co-founder Emmanuel Addy explains why you should use
The Money Cloud.