March 19, 2024

FinGo Launches Biometric Identity Authentication Vending Machines With Vein Mapping Technology



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FinGo, a biometric identity authentication solutions provider is introducing FinGoVend, the world’s first retail vending machine where users can now pay and prove their age through a simple scan of their finger.FinGo’s vein mapping technology connects a person’s unique vein pattern to their identity, to securely enable a range of transactions including payments, access and recently, identity verification.

In 2020, Manchester City Council was the first to approve FinGo for verifying age in licensed premises – so customers could pay and prove their age for a drink, with their finger. This year, FinGo is taking part in Home Office trials of digital age verification technology, used to approve sales of alcohol. Given the age verification service, FinGoVend is leading the way in ‘unattended retail’ for age-restricted products such as alcoholic drinks, e-cigarettes and vapes. Customers will simply scan their finger, linking their unique vein pattern to their identity and digital wallet, before purchase the product.

Innovative wine merchant, Vagabond Wines and award-winning craft brewery First Chop are the first brands to offer a selection of their drinks through a FinGoVend machine, premiering at the Vendex Midlands show in the UK on April 26th.FinGo partnered with the RBC Group, a pioneer in automated retail design and manufacturing, to introduce the first FinGoVend product. Simon Binns, Chief Commercial Officer of FinGo, has this to say: “We believe FinGoVend is going to be a gamechanger. Brands can expand their reach with new direct to customer relationships. For the hospitality sector, it’s a new frictionless solution to managing age verification and adding additional revenue through more sales points. For customers, it’s just much more convenient- no need to carry ID, cards or device when buying a drink”. Derek Edwards, founder of RBC Group, added: “As a business innovating at the vanguard of unattended retail, our collaboration with FinGo will serve as a pivotal partnership. Integrating FinGo’s pioneering technology to enable age and identity restricted sales with our industry-leading solutions will unlock the true potential of the burgeoning unattended retail landscape, and allow us to deliver the most seamless experience for our customers.”